London Style

London has a very classic and traditional style. The clothes are timeless with tailored silhouettes and nude colors. The flattering cuts and neutral colors can be a great choice all year round. Trends don’t seem to have an affect on the style because quality and fit are always prioritized. 

We spot many fabulous coats and jackets. Weather is always and important factor in shaping one’s style. The rainy weather in London calls for light outerwear almost all the time. One of its most famous brands, Burberry, is well known for their trench coats. A classic choice for Londoners to be prepared for rain and wind in style. 

We should also note the close proximity of the royal family to the city and culture. The elegance and sophisticated image that the royal family represents has definitely influenced how people dress. The desire and attraction for classic pieces and a more sophisticated style stems from the constant regal influence throughout the year.

Punk was also born in London. A very edgy style that celebrates punk and rock music. Vivienne Westwood is responsible for the birth of punk in fashion and she has held that image alive in her brand for decades. Spiky hairstyles, studded leather clothes, chains, buckles, zippers, and chunky platform boots are just a few key elements of Punk. You can choose how Punk you want to be with every style choice that you make. This fantastic style was also the theme of the Met Gala in 2013.

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