Style in Beijing

I think it’s safe to say that we have all seen the infamous TikTok videos of China’s street style. Just in case you haven’t:

Luxurious, sexy, and edgy are just a few words that comes to mind after a first glance at what we now consider as China’s street style. After doing some research, I came to know that Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu are China’s most fashion forward cities and most of the footage of the street styles that we love are from those regions. In this post we are mainly focusing on looks from China’s capital, Beijing. 

China has a very large population with a healthy economy. This makes it an excellent target market for luxury brands. The fashion industry is very successful in China but the overwhelming support is mainly for international designer brands. Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton are some of the favorites. So we don’t really get to see a lot of local brands yet, but the population is definitely fashion conscious. 

There is definitely also a consciousness towards body shapes. Silhouettes are tight and clothes are more form-fitting. Skinny and long legs are very attractive so the hemlines are short and the heels are mostly tall. Hair and make up is also very well maintained and the overall style is very fashion forward, expensive, and sexy. 

Wearing masks is almost a mandatory accessory for everyone around the world in 2020. But most of the Asian countries, especially busy Chinese cities, encourage their citizens to wear masks to protect themselves from the pollution and that’s another thing that seems to be consistent in street styles in Asia. 

All in all looking put together and stylish seems to be very important. Even if It’s just a casual outfit with an oversized hoodies and a cap, it is probably styled with a cute purse, statement earring, or bold lips. And last but not least, we also spot a lot more couples in matching outfits and choices are definitely more androgynous.

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