LA Style

We already went through the style in New York. A lot of the influencing factors were the fast paced and active lifestyle. However, when it comes to Los Angeles, life seems to get a lot slower. Other factors would be the warm weather, close proximity to the beach, driving, and of course, Hollywood. 

Hollywood has been the main influencer for decades. Ever since silent movies, people look up to celebrities for fashion and style tips. With a city filled with so many celebrities, it is natural for people to spot them more often and would want to follow their style. Nowadays Instagram allows us to follow any celebrity we want and be inspired by their style no matter where we live. But now it’s not just limited to celebrities. There are many influencers and aspiring artists that follow bigger style icons and each have their own large platforms to promote their styles.

With fast fashion brands like revolve and Fashion Nova, many influencers are paid a lot of money to promote fast and low quality fashion to their followers. This creates a lot more damage to the environment, and it also stops the younger generation from developing their own style. If they just continue to follow a celebrity and have access to a knockoff version of their outfit in a few weeks, they just continue to buy disposable fashion. There is a new wave of influencers promoting vintage and sustainable brands but when it comes to styles in LA, we mostly spot the casual off-duty celebrity look. Comfort is key, and the more neutral and simple, the better. It usually includes a hoodie, sneakers, a t-shirt, and big sunglasses.

Outfits are a lot sexier. Small body-con dresses, high heels, which are easier to wear because people mostly commute by cars, and mostly shorter and sexy silhouettes. Even when luxury brands are used or promoted by influencers, it is usually about showing off the logos and not really about that brand itself and identifying with it. A lot of the short term trends such as neon colors, the corset, and even tiny sunglasses definitely have more fans in Los Angeles . Life may be slower which allows a more chill and calm attitude and soft colors, but fashion and trends definitely go by fast.

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