Prada Fall Winter 2021

Hope and optimism were the main themes of this collection. With all the new vaccine developments, there seems to be light at the end of this dark pandemic tunnel. A new mask-free world full of vibrant colors. Even the fashion show set was made of colorful rooms with textured walls and floors. Models strutted along the runway with strength and confidence. Clothes weren’t fitted or revealing. But still chic and feminine. Layering seems to be the main styling technique. And the silhouettes are mostly loose and oversized. 

The pandemic has changed our taste and priorities. We have been encouraged to socially distance ourselves from each other since last year. Theater, festivals, weddings, concerts, and all the other social gatherings were cancelled and many countries enforced quarantine and curfew. So there has been no need or even use to dress up. When it all began last year, a short trend started where people would dress up to go to the grocery store or for a walk. But as the pandemic lingers, there has been a shift towards comfortable clothes. Sweatpants, yoga pants, and even pajamas. With working from home, it has become more and more common to not get dressed up in the morning. 

Designers have trickled up this trend and created high quality and designer pieces with loose and comfortable silhouettes. We spot beautiful knit layers, abstract patterns, and jacquard weaves. These details are in contrast with the laid back silhouettes. The positivity is communicated with the absence of masks and the presence of colors. The vibrant colors on the corduroy jackets are so bold and eye-catching. Specially the yellow corduroy jacket with the puffy sleeves. 

A future without the pandemic implies more parties and outings. We don’t really spot tight and short party dresses, but the paillettes can really dress up the silhouettes. Though it’s not all oversized coats and jackets. The fitted jumpsuits with lively prints were great additions in the collection and help make it more versatile. Another noteworthy detail is the faux fur. Not only does it make the coats more outstanding and fashionable, it also helps diminish the association of real fur and luxury. We also witnessed Fendi recycling fur for their collection which is a big step for a company that’s vastly dependent on its fur pieces. It also creates a great example for upcoming designers and if the materials are not harmful on the environment, it can be correct step towards sustainability. 

Prada is classic and futuristic. Other than manifesting a positive and hopeful future, it is also a socially conscious brand which is still rare even in new brands let alone the more traditional ones. The classic cuts and ideas with chic styling and Italian craftsmanship is enough to communicate the brand with the audience. But now it also has some fresh takes and daring choices which makes it even more interesting. Raf Simmons and Miuccia Prada make a great team and we can’t wait to see more of their collaborations, or as they would call it, conversations. 

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