Ghazaal Gh

Welcome to Raz Mode! I provide a fresh take on the fashion industry and independently report and journal on the real and exciting side of fashion. Won’t you join me?

About Ghazaal

I currently live in the states but I was born and raised in Tehran until I was 12. I moved to Singapore with my family and nothing that exciting happened until I watched The Devil Wears Prada and realized that fashion is not just about clothes and it’s an entire industry with so many different opportunities and I instantly wanted in. I was 18 and about to finish high school when I started to apply for fashion schools and art colleges. My Journey began at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore in 2011 and it has since brought me to the states where I got my degree in Fashion Merchandising Management and a Minor in Fashion Media. After Working as a buyer’s assistant and a luxury stylist at Saks, I finally realized that writing and learning and reporting about fashion fulfills me the most. I adore fashion and would love everyone else to see how well we can communicate with our fashion and style.

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