I Cannot Keep Up With The Fashion Weeks

When you are interested in fashion, everyone seems to have certain expectations. Number one is giving fashion advice on the spot. For example, asking if the shoes match the outfit as if that’s all we know. It’s like asking a computer engineer to help you install an app on your phone. You can’t just give out fashion advice at a party and it’s kind of disrespectful to be so nonchalant towards a profession. And number two is always being up to date on the latest trends. So when fashion month arrives, you feel this responsibility to watch and analyze as many shows as you can.

The thing is, there are just too many shows. Weren’t we supposed to slow down a bit? Wasn’t the pandemic a wake up call to value quality over quantity? The industry loves to promote sustainability. But it also loves to make money. Hence the back to back shows and events that we are expected to keep up with. Which is just impossible when you are also trying to create quality content. Which I try to do. Creating content on fashion and style has been the most fulfilling job I have ever done. And when I fall behind on current news, I immediately feel inadequate. Why should my followers care about what I say if I don’t spend all night watching the shows and all day talking about them?

Fashion is about so much more than clothes. It is supposed to be an outlet. For designers to show how they feel and for the rest of us to breathe and take it in. I seriously doubt all these looks are stemming from actual feelings and inspirations rather than the corporations waiting to double and triple their profits. The brands we used to worship are now just money makers. Products seem to be getting more expensive whilst losing their quality. We are automatically supposed to like a collection because it’s from an important brand. Or because relevant celebrities are endorsing them. From what I hear, if you were looking to run into any celebrity this month, you should have hit the Prada show.. or the streets nearby. Is that a way of distracting the audience? Like how Valentino had a diverse range of all ages, colors, and body shapes to distract us from the underwhelming designs?

Yeah I said I can’t keep up but even I noticed the big elephants in those rooms. Or the horses (get it?). I even had some favorites from Alaïa. And because of my obsession with Darren Shan, I absolutely loved everything about the Viktor&Rolph show. I still feel guilty for not actually watching any of the shows. I spend everyday trying to make content on fashion but I couldn’t find the time and energy to watch the shows this season. Does that make me less passionate about my job? I don’t really feel less passionate. Just frustrated for not being able to do everything by myself. Maybe I’m just bitter for not having a staff to edit all my videos as I watch and analyze the shows. At least until I get to watch them all up close. 

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