Style in Tokyo

What makes this style really stand out is the individualism. People are very fashion forward but everyone wears the new styles and trends in their own way. There are many factors that make this style cohesive such as mixing colors and prints freely, and baggy silhouettes. Japanese style is very vast and there are other subgroups such as Lolita, Gyaru, Fairy Kei, and many more. This article mainly focuses on the streetwear and what we see on a daily basis in one of the busiest metropolitan cities in the world, Tokyo.

Silhouettes are baggier than most people are used to but it just allows them to be more androgynous and brings more layering possibilities. It appears to be all about the layers. Pants over skirts, tops and blouses worn together, and even colors and patterns are matched with more creativity and individuality. Like France, Japan also has a rich fashion history but each culture has continued to embrace it differently. 

Kimono, folding fans, and platform sandals are just a few examples from the Japanese culture that continue to inspire the fashion industry. Embracing patterns and appreciation for good fabric and quality can be traced back to more traditional pieces like the Kimono. And the Geta, Japanese platform flip-flops, have definitely inspired the platform boots and footwear that is very popular in modern Japanese streetwear today.

The pop of colors is not just limited to clothes and accessories. Hair colors also seem to have a significant role. This is where we start to really see the influence of the Anime culture in Japanese style such as bangs and vibrant hair colors which a lot of looks in Japan have in common. There also seems to be an obsession with being cute and adorable which is also visible through the Anime culture. This is not just limited to fashion and it even influences the food and entertainment industries. 

Japan has a very rich culture with many and different subgroups that exist and express themselves freely. The street style reflects creativity and confidence but the body standards are very different and the cut and sizing is quite different. This creates a different pressure and could also be one of the reasons for baggy and oversized silhouettes to be dominant. Like we always say, everything can affect your style. It can be the weather, location, history, culture, and even unrealistic body standards. 

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