8 Key Trends for Spring 2020

Spring 2020 has sneaked up on us and after looking through endless archives of spring summer 2020 collections and the recent award shows, we have put together 8 key items that will definitely take over spring 2020

Puffy Sleeves

There have been a lot of attention on sleeves this season. From the runway to the award shows, we have spotted some major puffy sleeves. Its strong silhouette compliments the softer designs really well, and will definitely create a memorable look and a fashion statement.

Polka Dots

Polka dots is a classic favorite. We have always seen how it make its way back to the trends and this season, we have spotted this spots (pun intended), in many shapes and colors.

If you have never managed to find your favorite polka dot that goes with your style, you are probably in luck this season and will finally add this timeless trend to your wardrobe. That’s because they come in so many different colors and sizes that we don’t think anyone would feel left out.


Crochet might usually be seen around grandma’s house, but not anymore. With these modern and sexy silhouettes, crochets are re-invented for this year.

We have seen them as bralettes, dresses, and many other forms which makes it a very versatile key item that can be enjoyed for many years. Its handmade nature tends to make it last longer and be considered a sustainable trend.


Visible bras are definitely not a new trend. We have seen the topless with blazer look many times. It may have started with trend setters who wore their bras as tops and very soon after that, bralette became a new category in womenswear.

Bralette is now a very stable item in collections and for this season, we have seen a trend of exposed bras and bralettes with suits (specially Bermuda suits) and blazers. The exposed bra creates a balance with the menswear elements and can be a very chic and bold look.

Spring Leather

Soft leathers are very popular this season. We love seeing the rough rock and roll fabric in this buttery and soft touch. This trend is popular in coats, pants, tops, and even purses. You can’t go wrong by adding a nice soft leather piece to your closet.

Bold Chains

The chains from last season have grown in size. You can’t go too big or too bright with these. Style them with neutral colors or black to make them the center of attention. And it can also be a great addition to your festival outfits and bring them to the next level.

The Pillow Bag

The soft leather purses have found their way in many designers’ collections. These soft and roomy clutches are both functional and fun so you don’t have to choose. From the new Chanel 19 Bag to Marc Jacob’s pillow bag, you can find this trend at many price ranges.

Square Toes

The square toe tip is not new. It was tested in the market since last year and picked up by influencers and celebrities quickly. We saw a lot more of them for this season in many shapes such as ballerinas, sandals, and high heels. The edgy tip adds a little roughness to the silhouette of what is usually known as ‘feminine footwear’ and who doesn’t love that?

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