Does The Parisian Style Still Matter?

There is no argument that France has had an important role in forming the fashion industry. Madrid was originally recognized as the fashion capital of the world but that changed as France became the center of Europe by mid 17th century. To be exact, it all started in 1643 with Louis XIV who weaponized fashion […]

I Cannot Keep Up With The Fashion Weeks

When you are interested in fashion, everyone seems to have certain expectations. Number one is giving fashion advice on the spot. For example, asking if the shoes match the outfit as if that’s all we know. It’s like asking a computer engineer to help you install an app on your phone. You can’t just give […]


Steve Jobs is so famous for his black turtleneck look. So is Mark Zuckerberg with his plain t-shirts. In case you were wondering why they like wearing the same thing everyday (or at least every time they have an audience), it’s because of the hassle most of us feel on the daily. What on earth […]

Prada Fall Winter 2021

Hope and optimism were the main themes of this collection. With all the new vaccine developments, there seems to be light at the end of this dark pandemic tunnel. A new mask-free world full of vibrant colors. Even the fashion show set was made of colorful rooms with textured walls and floors. Models strutted along […]


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