Parisian Style


Paris has a rich history in fashion and it plays a significant role in their culture and heritage. Its fashion history can be traced all the way back to the 18th century during the Rococo era and all the way to Coco Chanel and Christian Dior’s revolutions during the modern time. 

There are many rules that a Parisian woman would follow. She won’t mix black and brown, wear too much make up, and instead of obsessing over trends, she goes for timeless and elegant pieces to improve and evolve her personal style. When Yves Saint Laurent, a french designer I might add, famously said: “Fashions fade, style is eternal,” he is referring to the importance of individuality in ones personal style and that is what we constantly see in Parisian Style.

It is important to know your body and dress accordingly for a more flattering fit. Therefore, tailored clothing is key here. Colors are mostly neutral and darker such as grays, olive, beige, camel, black, and white. These factors help make the style more timeless since neutral colors are more versatile year round and the fitted clothing is always going to be chic and flattering regardless of the current trends. 

When it comes to styling and accessories, less is more. Another famous french designer, Coco Chanel, who seemed to know a thing or two about styling once said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” There is always a balance between casual and formalwear. Jeans are styled with heels for an edgier look and flats are styled with tailored trousers. And if you live in Paris, you are probably wearing a lot more flats than heels to ease your commute around the city. So it’s not always the history and traditions that make our style, but where and how we live are also important factors.

The minimal approach is also consistent throughout hair and make up. Foundation is not really used because it’s more important to have healthy and natural skin with bold lips. Red is a favorite color for lips. Apply your favorite shade in a messy manner with some dewy blush to complete the look. Hairstyles are also very simple and facile. It is always neat and well maintained but curlers and hair straighteners are not used so that messy and bedhead style can be achieved to complete their chic yet effortless ensemble. 

French women fashion a very chic style and it seems to be an important part of their identity. They are proud of their heritage and follow some rules while staying away from fashion faux pas. Even though the darker colors and simple silhouettes may not be up to everyone’s taste, it certainly creates the classic and chic style that the Parisians are known for. 

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